5 Best Scottish Attractions

Scotland is known as one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. With so many wonderful sites and wild things to do and experience, it can be difficult for travelers with limited time to choose the very best sites and activities to most enjoy the wonderful country of Scotland. To help you with this dilemma, we have compiled the top five attractions that can be found in Scotland. Consider this to be your must do list in the country. These five sites don’t completely represent the entirety of what Scotland is about; they provide an exciting and varied picture of what Scotland has to offer and serve as a proper checklist for the hurried tourist.

The Edinburgh Castle is one of the best known sites throughout the European continent. Constructed right on top of a volcano, the castle looks as if it is growing straight out of a massive rock. With its exquisite great hall and gorgeous built-in church, it is often difficult to get visitors to leave. Additionally, visitors will leave the site with a much clearer understanding of Scottish history as the site is home to exhibitions that inform visitors on the history of the castle and the politics of its time.

Our second must-visit attraction is Cairngorms National Park. Not only is it the largest park in Britain, it boasts a massive amount of activities to participate in. Besides the thrilling favorites that are offered within the park, guests can engage in slightly calmer events by observing wildlife and taking a train ride through the stunning grounds.

Made famous by the great legend of the daring Loch Ness Monster, Lake Loch Ness sees loads of visitors each year looking for their own sighting of the mythical creature that is rumored to dwell in the Lake. With plenty of activities geared toward families and kids, Loch Ness truly offers a bit of something for everyone, including monster watching tours and circuitous pathways weaving around the water.

The Isle of Skye has long been a favorite spot for photographers and videographers due to its vibrant colors and unrivaled landscapes. One of the most popular ways to enjoy the exotic scenery is by bike.

Finally, every visitor should most certainly take a trip to see Stirling Castle. Surrounded on three sides by sheer cliff, Stirling Castle makes for quite the dramatic landscape. Additionally, however, Stirling Castle also has a beautifully preserved interior and a great many interesting bits and pieces here and there.

Although taking on the country can be daunting, particularly for the short-term traveler, taking the suggestions on this list will ensure an interesting and well-rounded experience of the country. Furthermore, visitors should note that one of the most comprehensive ways to see the city is by joining a Scotland Tours group more specifically, Whisky Tours Scotland or Castle Tours Scotland that provide a great view of the country from unique perspectives.